Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It was the teeth

Well, it turns out that the angst of last night was (almost certainly) cause by the rather slow appearance of some two year molars. J's been fussy and whiny and complaining about her mouth for a while now.

And this morning, well, we'll get to that, but she let me put my fingers in her mouth to check the situation out and she definitely has one, if not two, great big huge honking molars ready to erupt.

And she's still on holiday schedule which means staying up a bit later and sleeping in. That will change since we're back on daycare schedule this week. So hopefully she'll go down a bit easier too.

This morning was what you could call a challenge. A BIG challenge. I was happy to get a little bit of food into her and her diaper changed. We did not brush hair or teeth. She was wearing her pjs and rain boots when I dropped her off because some days the battle just isn't worth fighting. It just isn't. PJs out in public on occasion won't kill her or cause horrible, irreparable damage to her future abilities (to do anything - make friends, talk, go to school, find a job, etc etc etc). I'm sure of it.

So tonight I'm ready! I'm getting some popsicles on the way home. We're going to the library and maybe the park after dinner and she's going to get to stay up a little bit later than usual. And if all else fails, we'll go for a walk again.

But not to the seawall.

I'm a bit afraid that this time we might really get skunked!

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