Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank yous...

EDITED: Scroll directly to the bottom to get to the point. I kind of rambled today.

I write thank you cards. My parents always emphasized how important it is to thank people for gifts and kindnesses. I get some grief from *some* people (ahem, no names here...) for writing thank you cards, but I like doing it. And it's nice to receive them occasionally too. Especially when they're unexpected.

My dad has a story about how he started (as an adult) writing thank you cards. I don't remember it exactly, but it involved a speaker at a conference he was at who wrote ten a week or something. Anyway, I don't write ten a week. I don't write one a week. But I try to thank people when I need to.

Anyway...this isn't really about thank you cards. It's about a site I found by clicking. On other people's blog rolls. Then someone else's. And repeat this over and over again. And when I found the site, I had no clue where I had started (I have a habit - it's debatable whether it's a bad or good habit - of opening all links in a new tab, so I can't just hit the back button to figure out where I came from).



Go here. It's awesome.

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