Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Today is Mama's birthday.

mama and jMama and J

For those who don't know, Mama is my absolutely wonderful, one-of-a-kind grandma.

I think everyone should have a Mama.

Mama makes sure you get at least one back rub a day.

Mama calls just to chat.

Mama sends all kinds of interesting literature - books, articles, newsletters - in the mail. And Mama has read them all so that she can discuss them with you once you've read them. Even if it's a topic she has little or no interest in.

Mama makes the best soup and the best dinners and the best pie (although she doesn't make pie very often anymore). Mama figures everyone should learn how to clean, cook, can and freeze.

Mama stays on top of current events so that she can discuss(or argue or lecture) with her grandchildren (and children too).

Mama has been known to subscribe to newsletters from opposing sides of an argument so that she can be informed in her opinion and warn her grandchildren of the propaganda the other side might try to trick them with.

Mama knows all of her grandchildren's names and birthdays, but it wouldn't be a conversation with Mama if she didn't call you by the wrong name (or stream of names) at least twice.

Mama lives far away. Well, not far away, but somewhere that is not as easy to get as if she lived in Kelowna.

Mama made sure I knew about periods and hormones, about female circumcision, about evolution, about creationism, about myths, about brainwashing, about the dog in the manger, about the cycle of human life, about the benefits of eight glasses of water a day, the importance of choice in all matters of the body, how to knit when I was seven (even if I promptly forgot until I was well into my 20s), how to stand up for myself, to greet everyone when entering a room and to say goodbye to everyone when leaving and the value of a thank you.

Mama, the matriarch of our large family on my mom's side, taught us that family is important. That yes, you can choose your friends, but that doesn't mean that you can't chose your family to be your friends. That you should have more than one good friend. That you should always try everything on your plate. You may be surprised at what you actually like. That all kinds of healthy stuff can be hidden in soup that even the pickiest eater will eat.

I could go on and on. But I won't. I know that Mama helped me become who I am today and that she's helping J grow into a special little person too.

See. Mama is a very special person!

Happy Birthday Mama! I love you!


  1. This is such a sweet post! I'm glad you linked to it in your most recent one!

  2. Thanks! I'm so lucky to have Mama that I feel the need to share her with everyone else...lots of her grandchildren's friends call her Mama too...