Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Really? No, really?

So, in this day and age of green, I was surprised today. Very surprised.

It's time for potty training at our house. So I went on a search for the thick cotton training panties.

And no one had them. I went to three department stores and one everything store.

And the reason no one had them? Because people use the underwear type diapers now. I did buy some for J with the plan being we'd use them if we had to go out for the first little while and gradually fade them out.

They're expensive. And wasteful. And yes, we used disposable diapers, but I wanted to use cloth or G-Diapers, but the G-Diapers didn't fit and I didn't get on the cloth fast enough...but I really don't want to use the underwear diapers.

So I put it out to my mommy friends on Facebook. Looks like there are two more places I can check out - a toy store that sells lots of baby stuff and the big everything store that I hate. But will go to if I must.


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