Monday, August 29, 2011

And so a year passes

This time last year we were getting ready for J to start at her new daycare.

She was excited and little and seemed so grown up at the same time.

Friday was her last day at her daycare. Now that's she is three, she gets to moved up to 3-5 daycare from toddler daycare. There will be a little more structure in her routine, a little more consistency in her day, a little more time to be independent and a lot of growing up.

She was both excited and a bit anxious about her last day at her daycare. She loves her teachers and she has a few good buddies, but none of them are moving on with her. One of her best buds is already at the new daycare and has been eagerly awaiting J's arrival. The last few weeks have been tough for J because she was the oldest and the new group of kids is so much younger (the oldest in the new group turned two in July)...we've had a bit of regression, but it's all good. She is so excited about her new daycare and hanging out with her old buddy...

last day of daycare

We loved her toddler daycare - her teachers were amazing and she has a few good little friends. I have met with the new daycare and I feel like it's a good fit (although we'll see how it is after Labour Day) for J...