Wednesday, August 03, 2011

So that's what it feels like...

Something happened to my head in the last twenty minutes or so. The leftover bits of my headache? They seem to be gone...I'd forgotten what a normal head felt like! I don't think I've taken any painkillers since Friday or Saturday, mostly because it was more of a niggling pain that was annoying than a pain that stopping me from doing stuff.

Except that now I realize it was stopping me. Yesterday I was sooooo looking forward to my yoga class, but I didn't go. Because my head was a bit sore. And it felt like my brain was rattling around in my skull and I figured that headache+downward dog=bigger headache. And let's just not go there. I probably would have been fine, but if the headache had grown, well, I might just swear off exercise. Which is a bad plan. I need to keep exercising, regardless of what's been happening with my head, it's just a matter of figuring out what works - maybe it's less intense exercise, maybe it's a different kind of exercise, maybe it's a different time of day...but that little, niggling headache was holding me back from even trying to do yoga.

And then, all of a sudden this morning, I was sitting at my desk and I realized, hey, the niggling is gone.

Small victory? Maybe. But these days I'm celebrating any and every victory, I don't care how small!

Maybe tonight I'll try a little yoga at home, just to see how it goes....


  1. hey! I've had a headache since Sunday and had the same thought. I actually went last night...the headache went away while in the class...walking home it came back :(

  2. um yeah, headaches suck. I wish they would go away and leave us all alone!

  3. yay! goodbye headache... and stay away!

  4. After everything you went through its probably best to take it as easy as your instincts tell you to. Maybe do some fast walking? Something that dosn't get the blood pumping to your brain! lol