Thursday, August 18, 2011

What the doctor said...

I know I said I'd post this yesterday. I planned to do it when I got home last night after a visit with a friend, but I came home to find a toddler who had a cough and wasn't sleeping...

Last Friday morning after I dropped J at daycare, I turned the car around and headed practically home (we live only a few blocks from the hospital) for my scariest appointment yet...the one with the neurologist at the stroke prevention clinic.

Results from that appointment? More of the same...your tests are normal, we're not sure what's going on, let's do more tests. The neurologist was a bit concerned that my blood pressure was up, but let's be realistic here, the nurse took my blood pressure moments after I was given a brochure about TIAs because most likely that's what I had (um, to clarify, not likely). That freaked me out. A lot. I was at the appointment alone because I wasn't too concerned about it...but at that moment I could feel my blood pressure climbing and the tears building and I wished I had someone, anyone, in the room with me. The nurse asked if I was feeling anxious and told me not to worry about my blood pressure because it was probably high because of the anxiety, but the doctor, he was a little concerned. So along with the tests, I will be visiting my family doctor for weekly blood pressure monitoring sessions.

What's next? Well, an early morning MRI which will determine pretty much all the next steps and a visit with a dietitian. For now I just need to keep going with life...and avoid grapefruit.

I think I can handle that!

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