Sunday, January 13, 2013

City garden clean up

J and I planted our lovely balcony garden in the summer and it looked beautiful and produced a few tomatoes, a handful of strawberries and a handful of green beans and some herbs. And then things got a bit nuts at our house. And then fall happened. And our poor garden got neglected. I take full blame for it looking like this:

 dead garden

Last week I’d had enough of looking and dead, dreary plants, so I got myself a big bag and some shears and went to work. It took less than 15 minutes to get the deck looking like this:

tidier garden

I left anything that still had signs of life, cut back the perennials (we’ll see if they’re perennials on our deck) and pulled up most of the annuals.

And I discovered something else. A tiny little bit of green pushing up out of this pot.

signs of new life

Sometime in the fall, J found a bulb somewhere and carried it around with her for days. She wanted to plant it, so we stuck it in a pot that had once contained beans. I didn’t expect the poor thing to do much. It had lost its “shell” (I don’t know what you call the outside part – skin?), it was bruised and it had a couple of little nicks in it. I figured we’d plant it, we’d both forget about it and in the spring we’d plant more beans or something. Apparently that little bulb had other plans and it was far more resilient than I thought it wass. J asked me today what colour the flowers will be, but we have no idea what is or if it will even get to the point where it can bloom.

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