Thursday, January 10, 2013

Four hugs a day and Santa too

So things got a little hectic around here in December, but I thought I’d get caught up a bit even though it’s already January. Before Christmas, J and I went up to the City Square Shopping Centre and took in a little Charlotte Diamond before visiting with Santa Claus (we went last year too).

charlotte diamond

We had a great time singing along with Charlotte Diamond – J knew a bunch of her songs from her music classes at daycare. After the concert we hung around and waiting for a bit and then, the jolly old elf himself came riding down the escalator.

santa down the escalator

J waited patiently in line and ended up being the third child to visit with Santa. She was so excited to see him (he was the same Santa as last year – this year she didn’t check his beard to make sure it was real!)

chatting with santa

There were some problems with the equipment, so J had to wait patiently with Santa to have her picture taken. I think she talked to him for almost ten minutes.

smiling with santa

In the end, we didn’t get a photo (thank goodness I had my camera with me), but J had a nice visit. She said that even though they had a long chat, Santa forgot to ask her what she wanted. It’s a good thing she had written him a letter earlier – he must have received it because on Christmas morning there was an umbrella and an alarm clock in her stocking.

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