Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dinner and a movie is the same as a day, right?

3. Have a sisters' day without J

One weekend back in February, J was supposed to go to Kelowna to hang out with my parents. Alex was away for the weekend and I was dreaming of my lovely weekend, alone. I was going to have my very own staycation that involved sleeping in, hanging out with my sisters, a Downton Abbey marathon and little else. But then J got sick. My mom was already in town for a meeting, so she changed her plane ticket…

I didn’t get my weekend alone (see #69 on the first list), but I did get my time out with my sisters. We ate dinner at Nuba and then saw Side Effects. I love Nuba and I think we all enjoyed Side Effects…I’m not sure enjoyed is the right word…but we liked it…

Trying to plan an entire day with my sisters was difficult, so I figured we could opt for an evening. The goal was decent time together, just the three of us, so that was accomplished…maybe if I didn’t work during the week and Teamhardcore didn’t work/train/race on the weekends and Rebar didn’t just have an ever-changing schedule, a day would have been possible.

I’m pretty sure this is on the list again this time, so we’ll see what we get up to…maybe we’ll actually get to have a day out together! [edit: yes, it’s #5]

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