Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1001 plus 1

Yesterday marked the end of my first attempt at doing 101 things in 1001 days. Which means today is the first day of my second attempt. It would seem that I didn’t quite get everything done and that the stuff I did get done, I didn’t quite get all blogged.

So, without further ado, here are the final results. Most of the ones I didn’t finish will make it onto my new list, which can be found along with the old list on the 101 in 1001 page.


2. Enroll J in swimming lessons before she turns 3 - March 2011
3. Have a sisters' day without J - February 15, 2013
4. Stick to the crazy diet for at least a month - November 18, 2010
5. Sort out all of my clothes and take the ones I'm never going to wear again or that don't fit to charity (or toss if they're in bad shape) - Spring 2013
7. Pack away all of J's clothes and things that are too small or too young for her - December 2011
8. Go to bed no later than 10:00 pm every "school" night for a week - September 2012
9. Make a new friend - May 14, 2012
10. Really reconnect with an old friend - Spring 2011
11. Mail Christmas cards before December 24th - December 7, 2012
12. Get up every workday morning for a week without hitting the snooze button - April 2011
14. Complete a full crossword puzzle - February 16, 2013
15. Find missing address book - November 8, 2010
16. Update address book - December 2011

17. Set J's room up with a kid sized table and chairs for reading, puzzles and colouring - April 21, 2011
18. Make J's Hallowe'en costume - October 31, 2012
19. Go on an 10 "adventures” they're here [10/10]
20. Take Alex to the pool - September 26, 2010
24. Take J to a farmer's market - October 2, 2011
25. Stick to our budget for Christmas gifts - January 20, 2011
26. Write 10 thank you cards with J - September 2, 2011
27. Build a snow man with J - December 19, 2012
28. Make snow angels with J - December 24, 2010
29. Have family pictures taken - August 13, 2011

31. Make gingerbread with J at Christmas - December 22, 2010
32. Make dinner from the Jamie Oliver cookbook five times - completed January 21, 2012
34. Make cupcakes with the cupcake kit from Maggie October 30, 2010
36. Try 50 new recipes - They're blogged here and there's a list here [50+/50]
37. Try a new recipe for dinner every night for a week - July 12, 2011
38. Eat at ten new restaurants or coffee shops [11/10] - completed January 7, 2012
39. Grow herbs on the deck - July 2012

40. Decide what we're going to put on the clutter collecting wall in the living room and buy it/have it made – Fall 2012
43. Fix the grout in the shower - June 2012
45. Sort out the basement storage and get rid of anything we haven't used for a year - April 15, 2012
46. Install more shelves in the laundry closet - Fall 2010
47. Buy a new fridge - March 11, 2011
48. Buy a new stove - March 11, 2011
49. Get area rugs for living room and dining room - December 16, 2011
50. Declutter 101 items to toss, give away, sell on craigslist or give to charity - they're all here [280/101]
51. Finish J's bathroom - wall art, towel rack etc. - December 9, 2011

52. Go to a movie as a family - August 2012
53. Visit at least two of the places in Alex's day trips book [2/2] - July 29, 2012 and May 4, 2013
54. Go to a movie with Alex - May 28, 2011
56. Ask five people to recommend one book and read that book. Even if it's not a book I think I'll enjoy. - September 2012 [5/5]
57. Get an iPod and load all of our CDs onto it - May 21, 2012
58. Sort out our books and give the ones we're not interested in or won't read again to charity - January 2011
59. Have three dinner parties[3/3] - February 2012
60. Host a baby shower - October 30, 2010
62. Host a Christmas party - November 27, 2010

66. Take J camping, preferably in a tent (not in a tent, maybe next time) - February 5, 2012
67. Take a holiday with Alex only - Summer 2012
68. Take a holiday with J only - February 5, 2012

Creative and writing
70. Knit a winter hat for J - November 2010
72. Post on this blog every day for one month March 31, 2011
75. Write at least twice a week for Get Fit Chicks for a month October 28, 2010
77. Get the postcard section of the blog up to date - June 2012
78. Send at least five postcards a month for three months using Postcrossing [3/3] - March, April and May 2011
80. Send a secret to PostSecret - Spring 2011
84. Write and mail (ON TIME) 12 birthday cards in a 12 month period – Spring 2013
85. Choose a month from the 26 things photography scavenger hunt archive and do the scavenger hunt – Spring 2013

Professional and Volunteering
88. Take a risk and take on a BIG challenge that is outside my comfort zone on the next project at work - Spring 2012
89. Take at least one course that will help me do my job better - May 22, 2012
90. Sponsor a family at Christmas - January 26, 2011
91. Find a new position within Guiding - October 2011
92. Clear my personal email inbox - home and work - November 8, 2011
93. Once clear, maintain clear status for a week - November 15, 2011
94. Once maintained for a week, maintain for at least another month - January 4, 2012

Fun and Random Stuff
98. Bake something yummy for someone special as a surprise - October 7, 2010
99. Surprise someone with a care package - April 2012
100. Put $5 in a special savings account for every item I cross off this list [70/101 saved] – June 11, 2013
101. If day 1001 comes and there are still items left, donate to a charity that is relevant to our lives at that time – June 11, 2013

Partly complete

1. Fit back into pre-tumble down the stairs clothes
13. Weigh less on day 1001 than on day 1
*I definitely did number #13, but then I had a baby in April and I’m not quite back done there yet…

21. Do an insurance inventory of the contents of our home
22. Get our 72 hour emergency kit properly stocked
Dear Shannon, these two are VERY IMPORTANT. Get them done. ASAP. Like, yesterday.

33. Make dinner from the Best of Bridge cookbook five times – I managed 2/5, I think, it might be 3/5…but I’ll blog about it…one day

41. Hire a painter to finish painting
42. Install a back splash in the kitchen
44. Clear J's closet of the boxes from the move

I either completed the things on this part of the list or didn’t even start…

I either completed the things on this part of the list or didn’t even start…

Creative and writing
71. Sew those secret Christmas presents for those specific people (yeah, yeah, I'll elaborate later) – I started them…
73. Blog about each one of the 101 things
76. Send a special thank you letter just because – I had a few people in mind and I ever finish the letters…
79. Make a list of 101 beautiful things in my life – this was harder than I expected and ended up being more personal than I thought…I got a good way through it but I don’t think I would have shared it
87. Write in my real live paper journal at least once a week for three months – I started this a few times and never made it through the three months

Professional and Volunteering

Fun and Random Stuff
I either completed the things on this part of the list or didn’t even start…

Not complete (and likely not even started….)

6. Buy nothing for a week [exceptions: groceries, necessities, emergencies, services/bills]

23. Make photos books for J's first two years

30. Make pizzelle
35. Make dinner from the Good Housekeeping cookbook five times

Nothing not started  - everything either completed or at least started

55. Watch all the nominees for Best Picture for one year (not necessarily the current year)
61. Host a board game night

63. Go to Seattle on the train
64. Have a mini-reunion with some of my HPA friends
65. Go to Portland
69. Spend at least one night away from both Alex and J

Creative and writing
74. Answer "50 questions that will free your mind"
81. Put wedding photos in an album
82. Put honeymoon photos in an album
83. Put UK2009 trip photos in an album
86. Do a photographic day in the life (one photo for every waking hour)

Professional and Volunteering
All completed!

Fun and Random Stuff
95. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
96. Put change in someone's expired parking meter
97. Pay for a stranger's meal/coffee/purchase


  1. 1. I'm saddened that 'have Andrea teach me how to make spatzle' wasn't in the cooking section of your new list.

    2. My birthday is April 5th. You know, in case you wanted to post something to me. (Post as in mail.) ;)

    1. PS I won't forget #2 since I had a memorable April 5 (leading into 6th) this year!!!

    2. 1. That's better :)
      2. She was so close to having the best birthday ever!

  2. other reply got eaten or something...

    1. I only had 42 on my list at the beginning of the evening...maybe you should check it now

    2. Done. (and I know what post means...)

    1. 1. Now to find a time in the next 1001 days... :)