Friday, June 28, 2013

Wardrobe purging

5. Sort out all of my clothes and take the ones I'm never going to wear again or that don't fit to charity (or toss if they're in bad shape)
7. Pack away all of J's clothes and things that are too small or too young for her

I did all of J’s clothes in the fall of 2011 and mine this spring, but really, these are ongoing challenges. J’s clothes get too small seasonally, sometimes sooner and I should probably go through my clothes every season too…I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I found in my closet. There were clothes that I don’t remember buying and couldn’t remember why I would have ever thought they were worth buying. There were clothes that hadn’t fit in an eternity and if they ever did fit again, were not likely to ever be back in style. There were a few things that I loved far too much and just to suck it up and toss them…yes, you hoodie with the frayed hem and giant elbow holes.

When we were getting ready for C to arrive, Alex brought all of J’s clothes out of storage for me. We didn’t know if C would be a boy or a girl, so I first sorted the clothes by size and then sorted the newborn ones into a pile of definitely girl stuff and a pile that we could use either way.

There were FIVE giant rubbermaid containers. FIVE! J isn’t even five yet. And two of them were just baby clothes. It was crazy, but I haven’t bought a single piece of clothing for C. She has received some cute outfits and gifts, but so far, she’s doing great with J’s baby stuff.

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