Friday, August 31, 2007

Migraine Hangover

After having a sudden migraine last night, I've decided the day after is like a migraine hangover. And okay, my migraine wasn't that sudden, I just was unaware of, or at least not paying attention to, the symptoms.

When I got up yesterday I had a bit of a headache. I couldn't read the paper on the bus because the letters were jumping all around. I thought it was just a bumpy bus ride. By afternoon, after I couldn't keep my words straight and developed more clumsiness than usual, I decided I must be getting migraine, so I headed home.

Good thing...I haven't had one hit that quickly for a long time. And although the worst of it was over in less than two hours, it totally messed up my reading, no writing, no knitting, no answering emails...just a lot of zombie-ness. Today was more of the same. I felt like I was in a daze all morning. It's started to improve, if I'm going to get a hangover, it would be nice if I was having fun and the hangover was the consequence...instead I get to be in pain and the hangover comes too...

Shoe update

The verdict is in.

The purple shoes won. No contest. The flats just didn't do it. The dress needed heels...

Thanks for the suggestions and comments. Now I have seven weeks to break them in...should be okay...I hope!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Getting ready for the new year...

Last September I mentioned how September always feels like the new year to me...well, whatdya know, I'm in new year mode again.

I keep hoping life will quiet down and maybe become less insane, but every time we get close to that, something else happens. Craziness at home is over, so we think we can relax, and then things get busy at work. Things at work get quieter and then something happens in our non-work lives - trip planning, social events, out of town guests, you name it!

Not that I'm complaining, really. The stuff that's been happening at work has made the days interesting, the stuff that's happening in our non-work lives is good stuff - family and friends getting married, wedding anniversaries, new babies, new jobs, visitors from far away (and not so far away).

I keep thinking, maybe when life gets back to "normal", (huh, what's normal?), I'll start updating the blog again...or maybe this is the new normal.

In any case, a new year starts on Tuesday. I'm making only two resolutions - enjoy the chaos and make sure I stop to take the time to appreciate the wonderful people in my life.

that's all

Just as Stacey predicted...

The invitations have gone out in batches and the replies are slowly coming in. And just as Stacey predicted, the YES replies are coming faster than the NO replies. I have no idea what sort of drop off we're looking for, I'm just glad we only invited 161 people for our 160 person venue (okay, we invited a few more than that, but we didn't count the people who told us no before the invitations were mailed in that number).

And as much as I've been prepared for certain friends from overseas to say no, as we've been getting their replies, it still makes me a little sad that some very important people in my life won't be here on October 20. Not in person anyway. I'm sure each and every one of them will be here in spirit.

It's getting so close, I'm starting to get a bit anxious. Not can't sleep at night anxious, but certianly overwhelmed by the last few things that need to be done anxious.

Fifty-one days and counting. I can't wait until it's here!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shoe Dilemma

My "shoe consultant" aka Bret-Alise got me to get these two pairs of shoes to go with my wedding pair will be returned after the fitting, but I'm not sure...I am leaning toward one pair...

Thoughts anyone? The purple pair is almost the same colour as the bridesmaids dresses.

purple shoes
purple shoes
silver shoes

Thirty-five years and counting

Today my wonderful parents are celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary. I wish we could be there to help them celebrate! There's lots I could say about them and there's lots I just don't have words for. In any case, my parents are wonderful and I love them a lot!

my mom and dad

I love you! You're the best!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing to say...

Shannon with nothing to say? Is it possible? Apparently so.

Seems I'm not the only one who has noticed the drop off of posting on my blog.

I think I can blame it entirely on Crackbook/Facecrack. I think. It feels like everyone I know (especially those who read this) has a profile and is my friend. But it's not the same as writing…little tag lines of "Shannon is…" don't really say much. Imagine if my blog consisted entirely of one line, third person statements:

August 21
Shannon is thinking she won't mail handmade paper to Australia ever again! 6:56am

August 20
Shannon is thinking THAT was a complete waste of time. 1:05pm

August 19
Shannon is ticking things off the really long list...slowly but surely.... 9:20pm

August 17
Shannon is ready for the weekend. 8:04am

August 15
Shannon is all floaty from yoga. 8:43pm

August 14
Shannon is wondering where the summer is going. 10:24am

August 13
Shannon is thinking it was bedtime a few hours ago...goodnight.... 11:34pm

August 12
Shannon is glad to be home. 10:58pm
Shannon is recovering from Tom and Harmony's wedding...what a fun night! 1:35pm

August 10
Shannon is going to need a vacation from her vacation. 7:58am

August 3
Shannon is on vacation! 11:07pm

August 1
Shannon is still holding her breath and now starting to turn blue! 5:50pm

July 31
Shannon is still holding her breath. 10:28pm
Shannon is holding her breath. 8:43pm
Shannon is why can't she sleep?! 12:30am

Um, yeah, so if I'd done that, no one would have even started to read, let alone become a repeat visitor. Oh, and by the way, I stopped holding my breath a long time ago.

But, after talking to Fifers last night, maybe Crackbook isn't the only reason the posts have become fewer and far between.

I still take a picture a day and manage to post them usually before they’re a week old. I've put pictures of other big events in our lives on here recently, but the writing part is just not here. Partly because life is pretty quiet right now. My days consist of going to work, stretching for almost two hours (right there, there’s some riveting content!), swimming (I sing nursery rhymes in my head and count to four...interesting, hey!), going to yoga, and maybe seeing Alex for more than a couple hours if I'm lucky. I'm in the midst of tying little ribbons, affixing stamps and counting to five. Doesn't that sound like fun...and even more fun to read about...

Anyway, I'll be back one day soon...I hope...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Quarantined, what?

Virginia emailed this morning to say she received some pieces of invitation in the mail.

Yup, that's right. Pieces.

Seems the paper we used has plant material in it (go figure...) and they had to quarantine part of it. They nicely removed the ribbon and sent her the printed pieces though. They will send her the back piece *if* she waits six weeks and pays $45.

Sigh...who knew it would be this difficult to invite people to a wedding!

Friday, August 17, 2007

The other half of Shannon Squared for dinner

two shannons
My friend Shannon who I met when we both worked at Our Chalet is in town for three weeks doing an elective for med school. She came over for dinner last night, only the second deck dinner we've managed this year AND we got rained out. We haven't seen each other in seven years so we had a lot to catch up on and a lot of photos to look at! I love seeing old friends, especially when it feels like no time has passed at all!!

Oh, and 2[Shannon]=[Shannon]^2 where [Shannon]=2

Monday, August 13, 2007

Feels like fall

I woke up this morning and it was shivery cold. It feels like it's time to go back to school...but it's not September yet. Talk about a strange summer and I'm not ready for fall.

Oh well, not too much I can do about that...and the fall is bound to be exciting!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Happy Wedding Tomony!

Yesterday masses of Stewarts, Rosses and Bjs descended on Jack Robinson Park. We were joined by some Aussies for Tomony's wedding. Harmony and Tom had a beautiful ceremony in the park and then were joined by their guests and they road and boarded down to the reception.

here comes the familyhere comes the family

sealed with a kisssealed with a kiss

riding off into the sunsetriding off into the sunset

the happy couplethe happy couple

the cakethe cake

ktown mulvisThe Mulvis, all dressed up - Paul, Colleen, Shannon, Alex, Kelsey, Rebecca, and Jared

first dancefirst dance

just marriedJUST MARRIED


Friday, August 10, 2007

Vacation from a vacation?

I came home for a rest...ha!

It's been more restful than last week, which I've almost succeed in driving completely from my mind.

Last week I moved our office.

This week I thought I'd take it easy.

But started with the family and the 25th Anniversary party and on Sunday we rushed back to Kelowna for a Cousins' Party for the other side of the family and all week it's been one meeting after another and tomorrow is Tom and Harmony's wedding and I don't think I've slept in yet...I won't tomorrow and Sunday we're heading back to Vancouver.

Anyway, I'm not complaining. It's been great to check things off our to do list and to see Kelowna family.

Strange how we often take a break from work, only to find ourselves going back to work to get a break from the break!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy 25th Anniversary

Last night my aunt and uncle celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. My Dad's youngest two siblings, his brother and sister, both celebrated the 25th this year. My Mom and Dad went to his sister's party a few weeks ago in Rossland and last night was his brother's party. This is a big year for big events (milestone and not), so we get to see a lot of my Dad's family, which is great! Unlike my Mom's family, who mostly live in Kelowna, my Dad's family is scattered around and unfortunately we don't get to see them as often. Anyway, last night was great fun.

clink clinkAuntie Tiki and Uncle Brian toasting with Silver Anniversary cups that belonged to my grandparents. My Dad and his four siblings have all used the cups to toast at their 25 anniversaries.

And some random happy family and friends shots.

cousinsKirsten, Drew, and Heather

laughing cousinsSeann, Kirsten, and Drew

mmm....dinnerThe food line up...mmm dinner was yummy!

waiting for the guests of honourwaiting for the guests of honour (see their empty chairs!)

where's brian?Where's Uncle Brian?

something is pretty funnyLaughing Bret-Alise, Uncle Ric, Auntie Coleen, Auntie Susan, and Karen (and Heather with her back to us)

happy kidletsKamiah and Bret

slide showAnd last but not least, the evening was completed by a slide show of Brian and Tiki over the last 25 years or so.


Saturday, August 04, 2007


Sleeping in...

Lazy days...


It's all good!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I can't find my abs!

My abs have gone missing.

Well, not really, they're still there, but I can't find them. I'm back at physio to get my back stronger and it has become apparent that I can't find my abs. Sometimes I find them, usually by accident, sometimes accidentally on purpose, but never just because I want to find them. Grrr...

They actually did an ultrasound on my abs the other day so that I could see them at work, at what do you know, I engage every other muscle, including ones I don't want or need to engage, but I can't find my abs...

Help me find my abs!