Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Russia, Taiwan and USA - Camera, kids and princess cupcake

ru-1665353 (800x546)

Postcard from JuliaA84 from Russia


Postcard from Kelly8712 from Taiwan


Postcard from ladybug513 from USA

Monday, April 29, 2013

Germany and the UK - Bears and a gorilla


Postcard from Nexi80 from Germany.

Translation (from Nexi80): “I wish you all the best and that there’s always somebody for you!”


Postcard from Welshsprite from the UK

Description": ‘Gorisambard’ at Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol. Celebrating 175 years of Bristol Zoo

And now we are four

Four and a half years ago, our life changed in more ways that we could ever imagine when J made an early entry into our lives. J had grown into a smart, articulate, kind little girl who has been super excited for the last six months about the impending arrival of her new baby brother or sister.

Three weeks ago, our life changed again. Baby C arrived, again a bit earlier than anticipated.

here she is

We went in for a regular prenatal appointment and a few hours later, Baby C was here. She was a good size and her APGAR scores were both 9…one very happy, healthy little baby.


J had gone to Kelowna with her grandparents after Easter, so she was away when C arrived, but the day we came home from the hospital, my mom and J arrived from Kelowna. J was so excited. You can see her big sister shirt in the picture below. She wore it every day for over a week (she thought it was never washed, but it did sneak a few baths in over that week).

j and c meet

J loves Baby C – she is constantly kissing her and hugging her. The first thing she does in the morning and when she comes home, is look for her little sister to say hello. And the last thing she does before she goes out or to bed is hug her sister and tell her she loves her.


Welcome Baby C! We’re all so happy you’re here!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

USA - Cape Cod


Postcard from SkipE from the USA

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Latvia, Ireland and the USA–trains, donkeys and freeways


Postcard from daiga61 from Latvia


Postcard from chrissybaby from Ireland

The donkeys’ names are Buns, Biscuits, Raisins, Nuts, Puddins, Crumbs, Muffin, Brownie & Minnie


Postcard from Bedfordtony from the USA

Description: Aerial view of downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Netherlands - Things


Postcard from Hanthi from the Netherlands

Friday, April 12, 2013

What a week - China and Germany [part 5/5]


Postcard from Constantine47 from China

Description: Shuntou


Postcard from imandra from Germany

What a week - Russia, France and Belarus [part 4/5]


Postcard from bonne-fleur from Russia


Postcard from jean-jacques from France

This card came in French…a reminder of how rusty my French actually is…


Postcard from snezinna from Belarus

What a week - Germany, USA and Taiwan [part 3/5]


Postcard from hagimh from Germany


Postcard from socksgirl from the USA


Postcard from pbf from Taiwan

What a week - Thailand, Germany and Russia [part 2/5]


Postcard from mylifeasadog from Thailand

Description: Tuk Tuk, a tricycle motor vehicle is a common transportor in Thailand.


Postcard from PUHDYS-Fan from Germany

Description: “Der kleine Maulwurf” aka “The Little Mole”


Postcard from Galin from Russia

What a week - Denmark, Ireland and Russia [part 1/5]

So, we brought a special bundle home on Monday which means I neglected our mailbox until today…and this week happened to be a happy mailbox week. I’ve split the cards into five posts because, well, there were a lot.


Postcard from Gogge1 from Denmark

This the second card we received from Gogge1 – as I mentioned the last time, she is responsible for over a quarter of the cards sent from Denmark! That’s some hobby!


Postcard from kasiak from Ireland


Postcard from veter_v_ivah from Russia

I thought this looked familiar…because it was familiar! J and I enjoyed receiving the same card almost a year ago from someone else. I still think it’s cute!