Friday, March 27, 2009

Where did I go?

I get my blog back and then I vanish. Well sort of. I didn't vanish, I just quit publishing on the internet for the better part of a month. It's been a crazy month and by crazy I don't mean busy. I mean crazy.

But the month is almost over and I hope that April will be a better month. Not that there was anything I could do to make any of the ugh that was March go away. Three years ago I started this blog and I never would have imagined I'd still be at it three years later! At the end of March that year I was also looking forward to April, and surprisingly while some of those reasons no longer apply today, a good number of them do!.

Back then I was excited for April for these reasons (apparently I'd just learned how to change font colour or something!):
1. in the words of my very intelligent sister: punk come to vangroovy (I think she sounds like she's imitating a muppet...Elmo or Animal or someone...)
2. punk come to vangroovy to celebrate her champagne birthday (and Kelsey's too)
3. easter
4. road trip to Kelowna with Kelsey and Alex
5. cherry blossoms at UBC
6. Champagne Birthday Party for Kelsey and Rebecca
7. we're going to a wedding
8. dessert with the Mulvis tonight...okay, so not officially April, but it still counts cause it's Friday and tomorrow is April
9. April Fools

1. punk lives here now
2. you can only have a champagne birthday once in your lifetime, but there will be a birthday at the end of April for Rebecca and Kelsey
3. Easter is in two weeks
4. no road trip this April, although a trip to the grocery store (8 blocks) can feel like a road trip if you take the baby along
5. I bet they're still there, but I'm not
6. Some kind of birthday party for Kelsey and Rebecca (I must have been super excited for this since it's there twice)
7. no wedding
8. it's not April and I'm going to have dinner (so probably also dessert) with the Mulvis tonight...
9. April Fools. Yes it will be happening. No, I'm not looking forward to it.

I have some lofty goals for April...I hope I get to them all
1. Paint the storage room
2. Put shelves in the storage room
3. Buy a deep freeze and install in the storage room
4. Get rid of the mountain of laundry
5. Get rid of the boxes that are still not unpacked
6. Walk 70,000 steps/week...

That's it. The laundry alone could take 35 days to do, so I might be out of luck!

Okay, I'm back. That was boring. There's a baby chattering from her bed, so I have to go now.

Russia - Leningrad

Postcard from Russia from vergi

Description: No description, but the card is also a sticker!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

China - Temple

Postcard from China from Hailin

Description: The North Tombs in Sheng Yang

Thursday, March 19, 2009

France - Le Pain

Postcard from France from Malena_

Description: Le Pain/Bread


Postcard from Finland from daniela85

Description: horse-drawn mail carriage (Post Museum)

Friday, March 06, 2009

USA - Massachusetts - Boston Massachusetts

Postcard from Massachusetts from tobiejonzarelli

Description: Greetings from Massachusetts, U.S.A. From the scenic Berkshire Mountains, through the exciting cities to picturesque harbors and the sandy seashore, the Bay State has more interesting places to go and fascinating things to do than almost anywhere else. If you're looking for historic sites, or if you're hungry for delicious seafood, you'll easily find them in Massachusetts.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Where did my blog go?

My blog is gone. The archives still exist, but where is the main page?!?!?


Sunday, March 01, 2009

All about strolling...

When I had my back injury, I got to experience the joys of trying to navigate the world (at Christmastime!) in a wheelchair and I realized how horribly inconsiderate and self-absorbed people can be.

Now, with daily excursions with a stroller, I still can't get over how inconsiderate and self-absorbed people are. It's not as bad as with the wheelchair, but wow! people do strange things. It's rare to go out and about with out shaking my head at least once at someone. And you'd think I'd have been prepared for it, what with the wheelchair experience. Yeah, right!

For some reason people think there is no one else in the world and they can just wander around however they want. My favourites in the last week or so:
  • The guy who sped up to the stop sign and blared his horn at me even though I was already about 3/4 of the way through the intersection before he came out of the alley and turned the corner to approach the intersection
  • The guy who pulled into the crosswalk about three seconds before I got to the curb, again I was already *in* the intersection, and then told me to take my baby into to traffic to get up on the other side. I was a bit cranky that day so I just stood beside his door until he backed up. I mean really, he had the red light!
  • The couple walking side-by-side down the sidewalk by our house who gave me a dirty look because they had to walk one in front of the other for, oh, five seconds
  • The various people who are walking down the street minding their own business until they see the stroller. Then they veer off course and walk toward the stroller, looking for a direct hit or something
  • The oh-so-helpful people at street corners who tell me Baby J is dressed too hot/too cold/is going to suffocate/should be home in bed not out on the street
  • The same people who, after staring at Baby J in her pink "Princess" hat and pink blanket, ask me how old my little boy is
And I could go on and on but I think I'll stop now. This is nowhere near as inconsiderate and rude as people were when I was in the wheelchair, but some days I really feel like there's an entire three or four generations (older and younger than mine and mine too) that missed the part of growing up where moms and dads teach manner.