Friday, February 29, 2008

The Extra Day

It's a leap year this year which means that today exists. There are some interesting customs associated with leap years and the extra day including it being *okay* for a woman to ask a man to marry her, but the one I like is the National Trust giving its employees the day off.

Today I wish I worked for the National Trust!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Excited over nothing...


So, I'm sure those regular readers (or at this point, people who check regularly for updates and 15 days out of 16 don't find one) out there have noticed that the amount of blogging on this site has slowed down. And that pictures seem to take a few weeks to find their way onto the other blog over there.

Since we moved we haven't had a computer set up at home. Our computer is there alright. It's in bits on the floor and will only be assembled for a short period of time to have the data transferred off of it. Then it's going to its new home at Debra's house.

So I got really excited because I got a call saying my parcel had arrived, come pick it up. Now that parcel, well, it's the new computer that will mean we will once again be part of the "connected" world. So yeah, very excited. But then, well, then the receipt arrived in the mail today. And now, well, I'm not so excited. It turns out the parcel is the surge protector and case. The computer is a good week and half to two weeks away still.

So, until then, well, I'll post when I can and pictures will show up in large batches.

That's all.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Want us to like you?

Or at least not curse you silently under our breath as we walk past your door or shake our fists at you through our bathroom wall or get aggravated whenever we look out (or get near to) our bedroom window? Then read this carefully...please.

Dear Next Door Neighbours,

We chose our new apartment carefully and had some general criteria, most of which are not relevant to you, but one of which was a non-smoking building. STOP SMOKING OUT YOUR WINDOW! Your window is at a 90 degree angle to ours and the smoke blows right into our bedroom...all day and night. I was not impressed to be woken up last week at 4:30 in the morning because of the smoke wafting in our window.

We don't like mice. They're dirty, disease carrying vermin. They will not go away while you keep your apartment the way it is. Move your rice and noodles from the cupboard under the sink. Get some traps. They won't go away since they know they have a nice source of food and shelter and those ultrasonic rodent repellers will NOT work on mice who have established a hold on their space. We have a clean kitchen and no food out for them to nibble on, but they won't stop visiting us, just to see if there's maybe something there, until you clean up your act.

I get that you keep strange hours. Not a problem. Alex does too. But you don't need to use your playground voices to talk to each other at 3:00 in the morning. Your apartment is only about 500 square feet. There isn't another wing. It's not windy. You're standing in the SAME ROOM!

Thanks Next Door Neighbours,
The people who live next to you and are the unwilling recipients of your smoke, rodents and noise

Monday, February 18, 2008

What's up with the buses?

Umm...yeah, on to bus accident number three in the last ten months or so...the first one was scary, the second one was a bit of an inconvenience, this one was just stupid. Some people should just not be allowed to drive cars. That's all. Just don't let them drive. At least this time the bus wasn't damaged - I didn't even see any paint transfer - and we pretty much were only delayed by about 15 minutes, but annoying!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's here again

That day of the year where many people feel obliged to give flowers, chocolates, candy, jewelery, cards and other gifts. I don't get's not a day I've really ever liked much. It was okay in elementary school when you got a cute little card from everyone in your class, but as I got older I wondered why we needed to have a day to remind us to be good to those around us, especially those who love us...anyway, that said, Alex and I do celebrate, although somewhat quietly, this day of love. This year we kept it and when I came home from work there were flowers waiting. We'll go out for dinner on Saturday, but we often have "date nights."

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Camden Town is on fire

No way! I just turned the radio on and heard the news that Camden Town is one fire...sure enough, a quick search of the internet reveals it's true. Camden Town is one of my favourite places in London and by the looks of these pictures, the stalls and shops along the Camden Lock are gone...Pax Lodge was just up the hill from Camden Town and I went there often - it was a great place to spend some time, find a crazy gift or people watch. I wish Alex and I had time to visit when we were in London in November. Good thing I have some pictures!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Campus under seige

Yesterday, for the second time in a week, our campus had an increased police presence due to an undisclosed threat.

On Tuesday night, I got home from work, logged on to the internet, went to the university homepage to continue working (yeah yeah, I know, I'm supposed to leave the work at the office, but it's just so busy right now), and there, across the top of the page was the red banner alerting everyone to the newest threat. That was supposed to be acted out yesterday. And as far as I can wasn't. Thank goodness.

The police aren't releasing any details as there is concern that could jeopardize the case, but we've been assured and reassured that they will keep us as informed as they can. A lot of people are angry that nothing has been released, but I would rather not know if it means they could catch the person and put an end to this.

Yesterday was a bit creepy. My bus was fairly full, but very quiet. Even the usual rustle of bags and newspapers was conspicuously absent. When I got to campus, it was quiet. It didn't appear too many people stayed home, but the groups that were moving across campus were subdued. There wasn't a lot of chatter, mostly whispers, and I don't think I heard any laughter.


Friday, February 01, 2008

Read the signs

That's why they're there.

This morning I had to run an errand before I went to work. After my super fast errand, I went to catch my bus at the corner of Granville and Broadway. It's a busy intersection. And there's a sign there. One of these signs (image borrowed from that site over there).no stopping

Anyway, I could see my bus trundling down the road toward me, and then I heard a rather large vehicle, honking its horn quite angrily. I couldn't see a big truck - probably because it turned out to be a bus. Honking at a Lincoln Navigator. Parked, yup, PARKED, in the curb lane, just after 9:00 on a Friday morning. According to this sign, the curb lane is (a) a NO STOPPING zone from 7:00 - 9:30 and (b) an HOV lane. Which means buses, bikes, and cars with two or more people (how two people is high occupancy is beyond me, but that's the way it works here).

This lady was (a) stopped and (b) the only occupant of her vehicle. Hmmm...two problems. The bus couldn't change lanes because the other two lanes were full of traffic, it being RUSH HOUR and all. So the lady would move up a few feet. The bus would follow and then she'd stop again and the bus driver would lean on the horn. This went on for a good half a block, when Lincoln Navigator Lady (LNL) saw a break in the traffic and pulled into the middle lane. AND STOPPED. In traffic. At a green light. As soon as the bus went past, she tried to scoot back into the curb lane, but of course there was a stream of traffic behind him. Somehow she managed to get back in the curb lane and stopped again. All the angry people behind her changed lanes and went around her. And then, well, then the LNL put the car in reverse and backed up the half a block the bus had forced her forward.

By now this is no longer entertaining...I was starting to wonder when the 38 car pile up would happen. The security guard at the financial institution directly in front of her looked worried and had his walkie talkie out and then, out of nowhere, a transit police car pulls up behind her and transit cop come running down the road in front of her. The last I saw of the LNL lady was the two traffic guys trying to convince her she couldn't stop there and she need to drive around the block like anyone else or park her car in a legal parking spot. LNL kept shaking her head and making gestures like I'm staying right here. I'm not sure what happened next as my bus pulled away...but I couldn't believe the LNL...I don't understand people who think the rules are for someone else!

That's my rant for the week.

Happy weekend!