Friday, January 19, 2007

If you have the right diversions, it's all okay...

And by it, I mean staying home for weeks on end...

Today is the end of week number we're getting up there in weeks.

Granted, the first three weeks my brain was so pulverized by the painkillers that I didn't really know what was going on around me nor did I have an attention span longer than maybe five minutes and if I so much as inhaled slightly differently than normal my body was wracked by spasms, so it didn't matter much. I certainly couldn't say I was bored...I was too busy trying not to hurt myself.

But now that the pain is intermittent, not constant, that my body has likely expelled all residual bits of evil painkiller and allowed my brain to open up slightly, that the spasms only happen when I do something I shouldn't, well, now I'm starting to wonder how to spend an entire day at home.

But I have the right diversions...
  • My Mom and sister hanging out with me, helping out with the necessities like cooking, vacuuming and laundry (oh and trying out recipes we've always meant to try)
  • Alex wheeling me around the neighbourhood on weekends
  • My Mom being able to take me outside for a walk now that the slippery, slushy, nastiness has gone away
  • A number of friends who have popped by to say hello, come over for tea, "babysat" on days when my Mom, sister or Alex couldn't be here to help me out and called from far away places
  • Books, Sudoku, more books, Oprah, Kakuro, the news, old photos that needed to find album homes, 24, more Sudoku, the newspaper, CSI, Hockey Night in Canada, more books, naps
  • Checking out the details and features on a bunch of new cameras, cause I've decided it's time to get a new one!
  • Sorting through all the junk in the house and being able to get rid of STUFF (cause I am the proud owner of lots of stuff)
  • Baby toques...and knitting in general, but I've made a lot of baby toques...

Even so, I hope I will be able to rejoin the real world some day very soon. A coworker picked me up and took me to a *restaurant* for lunch today and it was SOOOOOOOO nice to be in the real world. My Mom took me for a walk this morning and I went about half a city block. When I can walk around the block (which really equals about 4 city blocks) without assistance and when I can sit longer than I can sit now, I will get to go back to work...until then, I just have to remember...BABY STEPS...lots of baby steps make one giant step!

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    also, a song for your wedding song: sherrif's "when i'm with you". ha.