Monday, January 22, 2007

WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO....the computer-doctor-genius fixed the computer!

Not the computer that was forever threatening to die, but the one that we could not get to work from the get go. I played with it, Chandra fought with it and then Alex stuck it in the corner where we were prepared to let it get old and die like the 286 that's in my parents' basement office.

Yesterday afternoon Chandra stopped by with her adorable not-quite-two-year-old nephew who entertained us with sounds and words, like his super cute fish word (they had just come from the aquarium). Well, Chandra said since she had to drop her nephew off at his house and his daddy is a computer-doctor-genius, she'd take the left-in-the-corner-to-die computer to him and see what he thought. She just called me and for what seems very inexpensive to me, he's fixed the problems and put more RAM in it...sometimes it just takes a doctor to get it right I we'll postpone the new-computer-purchasing plans for a while longer....yay!! Thanks Chandra (and her computer doctor-genius-brother) because now we'll be connected to the world again without fear of spontaneous computer meltdown!!!