Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Temporary resurrection

I've resurrected the computer...much to my shock and surprise. Who knows how long it will last...it keeps asking to be rebooted and I'm scared that if I reboot it, I'll lose it again...so I thought I'd send a few emails first and then reboot it and see what happens.

A walker is still keeping me company - progress was hindered by the snow and ice...YOU ARE NOT TO GO OUTSIDE UNTIL IT HAS MELTED...unless of course you're in the evil wheelchair...UGH...I hate the wheelchair...

Kelsey came and hung out last week and I've had friends drop by to visit and to "babysit" a few times...Kelsey had to work on Friday and she left on Sunday and my Mom comes tomorrow, so I had two evenings (tonight's the third) when I needed help while Alex was at work.

I am feeling better - it's slow going, but it's going!

That's all...time to reboot!

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