Wednesday, January 31, 2007

As things return to normal...

I realize I'm not really sure what normal is...because this week normal feels like staying home all day and my Mom living with us...even though I know that my "normal" actually usually means going to work and my Mom living in k-town with my Dad. By turning my world upside down and knocking the normalcy and routine out of my life and Alex's life, I've somehow also managed to alter the normal routine of both my parents' lives, some of my coworkers' lives and a number of the lives of the people I work with in Guiding...crazy....

But things are getting back to normal slowly.
  • I have given up the wheelchair and walker in favour of a cane
  • The computer-doctor-genius came to my house and fixed the computer...this time it's working...and still working...fingers crossed...don't jinx it!
  • I can do dishes
  • My concentration and memory have returned enough that I can actually watch a television program and not wonder what the heck is going on after five minutes

Also back to normal:

The squirrels long ago decided that my planters were an ideal place to hide their supply of winter nuts. Often I'd see a squirrel hide a nut or whatever it was hiding and five minutes later a crow would come along and steal whatever had just been buried. The other day I caught this little guy eating an almond right outside the kitchen window...and boy had he made a mess of the planter.

pesky squirrelSo we've graduated from raccoons and other nasty rodents to the squirrel variety of rodents...seems us Mulvis are doomed to be harassed by squirrels. I have not yet resorted to trapping them and driving them to the real wilderness and releasing them like some people I am related to.

Not yet back to normal:
  • someone still has to put things in and take things out of the oven for me
  • my desk at work is still empty and likely collecting copious quantities of dust
  • I have not used public transit in two months
  • the selection of pants which I can wear still consists of only sweat pants, yoga pants and anything else without a "real" waist band
  • there's still an assortment of medical equipment littering our house

If I'd made a list of the not normal things happening in our lives eight weeks ago, four weeks ago, or even two weeks ago it would be many times the length of that that's cause for celebration!!!

I'd do a happy dance, but my body doesn't move that way quite yet... this was a post about my computer finally working again...HA...that's why it's so long...not because I ramble.

That's all!

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