Monday, May 14, 2007


My friend Virginia was in town on business for a few days. We spent Friday night at a hockey game, had dinner together on Saturday night, and last night the two of us rode the Seabus over to the North Shore, took some pictures and then rode the Seabus back again. At 10:00 we decided to find some pub fare since neither of us had thought to eat dinner...we sat in cozy little corner and ate and talked (talking, not really a problem for either of us!)...and both commented on how it didn't feel like five years had passed, really it could have been five months or five weeks or even only five days. It amazes me how quickly you can pick up the threads of a friendship and it's like there was no time lapse at all...It's just too bad she lives so far away...we should all have many friends like that!!!

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