Sunday, May 27, 2007


Alex had a birthday on Friday. He's old. Well, that's probably debatable and disputable, but I think he's old, cause no matter what, he'll always be older than me...yeah, I stole that from my cousin Bret. Anyway, it was his birthday on Friday, but the lucky boy has the two day birthday thing going (possibly three day, but he hasn't emerged yet today, so who knows!)

Friday morning we continued a tradition he started on my birthday last year and we had cupcakes for breakfast...Mmmmm cupcakes from Cupcakes! Then the lucky boy got presents from me and my mom before he went off to work.

birthday breakfast cupcakes
He returned home with his lovely balloons from his coworkers.

yep! i'm a boy
Yesterday we drove out to his parents' house for some family birthday time. It was a great afternoon.

candyThe candy table in Alex's parents' living room. It's always well stocked...

family picturesLarry, Jane and Steve checking out old family pictures

lemon meringue goodnessLemon meringue goodness...if you ask Alex it's better than cake! (notice the candy has been replaced with presents)

alex joan larry and grandma inaAlex, Joan, Larry and Grandma Ina


grandma ina and steveGrandma Ina checking out Steve's 'do

shannon alex jane and steveShannon, Alex, Jane and Steve

Birthdays that last more than one day seem to be becoming common in this household. But it's good Alex had a long birthday this year. It makes up for the missing birthday I'm going to have ;)

What a great day!

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