Sunday, May 06, 2007

Happy weekend

Too bad tomorrow is Monday already...but I feel pretty lucky! I got to see some of my favourite people this weekend.

Alex and I braved downtown yesterday morning. It wasn't so crazy from above...all the people looked like ants down there.


ant peopleant people in front of the Art Gallery

robson square & the courthouseRobson square & the Courthouse

the orpheum and the vogueThe Orpheum and the Vogue theatres

Heddy and D dropped by for dinner and some animated conversation...

say what?say what?

reflectingD reflecting

entertainmentAlex entertaining

talking handsShannon talking with her hands...what else is new!

skinnamarinkD doing skinnamarink...well, maybe not, but still



belated birthdaybelated birthday...mmmmm cheesecake



1 comment:

  1. haha...I really have to learn what my "good side" is for pictures ;)

    We had fun too ;)