Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Day - at home

Christmas Day was a different day for us this year...not only did we have company, J and we were in Vancouver, but Alex worked until 2 am on Christmas morning and had to work again at 5 am on Boxing we did some different stuff. We didn't do anything Christmas until the afternoon. While Alex slept, we went to the Aquarium - then we came home for dinner with cousin Nate.

good christmas morning to yougood Christmas morning to you

treethe gifts appeared under the tree while we were out

stockingsand Santa came - look at the stockings!

j and stockingsJ was pretty excited to see the stockings

what's in herewhat's in this stocking???

train from santaa train! Santa brought a train!

alex opening his stockingAlex opening his stocking

paula got an orange
Paula was very interested in our tradition of getting an orange in the toe of our stockings. We decided Santa must not leave oranges in South African stockings because they have lots of oranges, all year...and when Santa first started bringing oranges to Northern Hemisphere stockings, they were a big treat!

gift openingit didn't take J long to figure out gift opening!

packagingplaying with the packaging

playing in a boxplaying with a box

jugglingNate juggling to entertain J - she loved him!

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