Sunday, December 27, 2009

How to scare everyone involved

or how text messages can induce cardiac arrest...

The Mulvijohns are away enjoying a vacation somewhere warmer than Vancouver and they asked us to check in on the cat and do a few little things at their place once or twice before their housesitter arrived back in town from his Christmas vacation somewhere snowier than Vancouver.

I wasn't sure if he would be arriving today or tomorrow, so I sent him a text message (via his sister) to find out. Paula and I took J out for a few hours and met Alex for dinner. Dinner over and the Mulvijohn residence was on the way home, we decided to see how Daisy was doing.

We let ourselves in and I thought it was strange that the hall light was on, but whatever, they left really early in the morning.

I turned the bedroom light on and then I heard a voice...a voice saying hello?!?!?!


Turns out I didn't get a text from Duncan saying he would be coming in today and that he already had keys.

So we freaked each other out...but it was okay...

And I survived and Duncan survived and he even got a hug *AND* a kiss from J when we left.

All is good!

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