Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grouse Mountain Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we took Paula to Grouse Mountain to check out the snow and the Christmas festivities.

j and snowJ saw snow last Christmas, but this was the first snow she would remember...

reindeerWe started with the reindeer

j inspecting the snowJ wasn't sure what the snow was all about...she spent a lot of time looking at it and wasn't entirely sure if she should walk on it.

paula inspecting the snowPaula inspected the snow - to make sure it was real...

with santaWe had a quick visit with Santa

paula and vancouverPaula with Vancouver in the background

the lyons familyThe Lyons family

paula skatingPaula skating

snow for paulaJust as we were leaving it started to Paula got to see lots of real snow, falling from the sky!

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