Sunday, April 11, 2010

Gold Medal Hockey!

Soooo slow...but here they are...finally!

puppy cheering tooJ brought puppy along to help cheer

j and auntie rebeccaJ and her Auntie Rebecca

cheering flag wavingThe lady next to us had a American flag that J really wanted to the first intermission Rebecca and I ran across the street to the drug store and got J an "appropriate" flag to wave

sistersKelsey, Shannon, J and Rebecca

shadow makerThe sun came out and decided to shine right on the tv screen we could see, so this guy got up on the wall to make a shadow so we could see better

little fan
deserted broadwayBroadway was deserted. I've never seen it like this before. Not at 2:00 in the afternoon. The buses were still running and they all only had one or two people on them. CRAZY!

scoreSidney Crosby, you were my hero for a day or two

winter? really?Winter? Really? Are you sure?

deserted bridgeWe left the restaurant and went north towards downtown. For the first 10-15 minutes the bridge looked like this.

car chaosAnd then the cars started coming...And they loved J and her waving flag in the backpack on my back. She thought it was great. She waved her flag and cars honked. What could be better?

hockey fansThis is the only time you'll see Calgary and Montreal fans celebrating together (and in Vancouver)

crowdsA sea of people

more crazy outfitsWhen else would you get away with wearing this (except maybe Hallowe'en)?

we were made for this
Crazy crowds

with glowing hearts
two special flagsLast day for these two flags...tomorrow there will only be one flag there...

conked outWe went to Rebecca and Jared's and watched the closing ceremony on the big "screen" and then came home. We all felt like this.

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