Friday, April 30, 2010


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Two months ago I started taking a yoga class twice a week at lunch time. I know that my ideal exercise situation is a class environment, particularly one that I have to register and pay for and let me tell you, yoga is paying off! (So is the registering and paying for it – I’ve only missed two classes – one because I was sick and one because I had tickets to the Canada vs Japan semi-final sledge hockey game)

I am not flexible. I have never been flexible. I don’t ever expect to be really flexible. But, yoga, or stretchy-bendy as my co-workers call it, has made me more flexible. I’m still less flexible than the average person, but I can almost put my heels down in downward dog now! Maybe one day I’ll be able to touch my toes without bending my knees. I think I was about eight the last time I could do that!

Besides the increased flexibility, I LOVE my lunch time yoga. It makes the rest of the day so much more pleasant and calm and wonderful…I wish I’d discovered there was lunch time yoga (right in my building) a long long time ago! Oh, and the increasing muscle tone in my arms and stomach is great too! Yay! I’m getting somewhere!

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