Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sledge hockey

I was lucky and got to go to not one, but two sledge hockey games. Alex, Rebecca, Jared and Jocelyn and I went to Italy and Norway and then I got some tickets from work and went to the semi-final between Canada and Japan.

not a zamboniThis *looks* like a zamboni, but it's not.

italy and norway
small cheerleader
italy and noraway again

ticketsSemi-final tickets

sledge hockey
thunderbird arenaThunderbird Arena all Paralympic-ed up

shootsHe shoots...

team canada
gordo's flag has a paddleGordo's flag has a paddle...could be dangerous...

canada loveEven though Canada didn't win, the Canadian fans just kept cheering and cheering. It was sad. The players were very sad. But the fans, they just kept cheering. I was with a friend who was at the women's gold medal hockey game and she said the atmosphere at this game was more charged than that one...can you believe it?

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