Saturday, April 10, 2010

Return from the undead

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I’m back…again…

I think that is partly the life of a mommy and partly what happens when the universe turns your world upside down and lets you live that way for a month or so, every once in a while giving you a shake like a snow globe and letting you settle back in, but still upside down.

We’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster ride, but it’s over and resolved and I think our life is planted firmly back on the ground.

And, while it meant that I just stopped posting here, I was surprised to realize that it didn’t stop some of the positive things I’ve been trying to do. I still went to yoga. I still went to the pool when there was someone to hang out with J. I still ate relatively healthy. And the bonus, when I went to acupuncture on Wednesday, my acupuncturist asked if I’d lost some weight. And when I thought about it, I have three pairs of pants that have been retired or will soon be retired because they’re too big! Yay! Even through the stress and all the unknowns, I managed to stick to my plan!

And now I’m back. I’m not sure how long this time – hopefully a while because I don’t like living upside down!

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