Sunday, November 25, 2012

I broke my own Christmas rule...

J desperately wants it to be Christmas last week, but at our house we have December 10 Christmas rule. It's leftover from when we were kids and my cousin's birthday was December 10. Once she had her birthday the Christmas lights outside could be turned on.

I've tried to keep that rule since we've had J for decorations with December 1 the day for music and books and other small Christmas stuff...

But this year I caved. I loaded the Christmas music back onto the iPod (I took it off in January because it was driving me nuts when we'd put it on random or genius and we'd get lost and lonely Christmas songs tossed in...) and we sat at the table and she made Christmas "cards." Some of you are getting them, so you'll see what I mean soon. I told her she can't give them out until after December, but she's ready...

She was home sick on Friday and while she's not 100% better today, she was definitely suffering from cabin fever and I figured we were better off having a quiet day with early Christmas carols than a day full of temper tantrums. (We did go for a walk - four blocks was enough to exhaust her...)

The bonus for me? I got a pile of Christmas cards written which means less time in December writing cards and more time doing fun stuff like baking and watching Love Actually.

I was grinchy and not happy with how quickly Christmas arrived on the heels of Hallowe'en this year, but after our quiet carol and cards session this morning and some advent calendar planning with Alex this evening, I'm super excited for December 1. And since it's only a month until Christmas, I'm not feeling one bit guilty about it!

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