Saturday, November 17, 2012

Why we need a yard

I could come up with a million reason why I want a yard and so could J – somewhere to play outside without having to get all sorted out and walk four or five blocks, a place to make mud, a place to plant fruit and veggies and flowers, a green space right outside our door to enjoy coffee in the spring and summer mornings…I could go on and on. (Can you guess which things J wants to do??)

At the end of our little trip to Victoria, J and I caught a plane from Victoria to Kelowna for a family thing and Alex, who had to work, drove home to Vancouver. J and I stayed for a few days and she was a big helper for my mom and dad.

little helper

She discovered my mom had two rakes, so that she could have one (HA!) and she spent the entire afternoon outside with my mom raking the yard.


She wasn’t too impressed on our last morning there though. It had been windy the night before and all her hard work raking was gone – the trees had dropped even more leaves!
And now, she has one more reason why we need a yard – she needs to rake!

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