Monday, November 19, 2012

The purple-with-black-polka-dots cat

18. Make J's Hallowe'en costume

Last November 1, J announced she would be a cat next year. And for the next twelve months she talked about being a cat. So, October rolled around and I decided we better get moving on her costume. That's when she told me she was going to be a purple cat with black polka dots.

So we took a little trip out to Richmond and got some fuzzy black fabric and some purple fabric. J already had a purple headband and purple leggings, so we picked up a purple shirt and we were set.

Her tail and the belt to tie to her were easy to make - I just sewed two tubes - one I closed off at an angle and stuffed and the other I ironed flat and attached the stuffed tail to it.

I cut a bunch of different sized circles of the black fuzzy fabric and randomly sewed them onto the purple shirt.

That was the easy part.

The next night I made the ears...which weren't difficult, just a bit time consuming because I had to punch holes in the cardboard and then lash it to the headband. It took a couple of tries to get it right. Then I covered them with purple and tacked black insides on.

purple polka dot cat

Hallowe'en morning J was super excited - not only did she get to wear her awesome costume, but she got to have cat make-up and sparkly eyes. Of course now she'd like to have cat make-up on everyday!

bye bye kitty
Leaving the kitty at daycare - this kitty loves her puppy

We took the traditional Mulvi Hallowe'en dinner over to Fiona and Jess's and then J went trick or treating in their neighbourhood. Check out the loot - that's from maybe two blocks...more than enough for J!

checking out the loot

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  1. Great job! I am really impressed! I have always wanted to make a costume.