Friday, April 27, 2007

Why the bus should also have seatbelts

The bus I was on this morning had a big accident just a few blocks after I got on and sat down. Thank goodness it wasn't too crowded because most people were seated.

The bus clipped the back of a taxi which plowed into a car in the oncoming lane. A few people who were standing lost their balance and a few people fell off their seats, but somehow no one was hurt.

The taxi driver is another story entirely. He was thrown across the car and was in the passenger seat. His head knocked the window out. He was alive and responsive when they took him away, but it took five or six people to get him out and onto the back board. When they opened the passenger door, the inside was totally caved in from the impact of his body.

I think the lady in the other car was in shock, but otherwise okay.

It was scary and there are lots of insensitive people out there. Most people were great, but one guy had his camera phone out and was taking pictures of everything. They stopped all the traffic going both ways and eventually re-routed the buses, but the people in some of the car were super grouchy that they also had to detour. Some of the people who got off the buses were mad they had to walk a few blocks.

Anyway, after seeing the injured cab driver and seeing the people tumble off the seats in the bus, I wonder when we'll see seatbelts in the buses...

I feel lucky today and hope the cab driver and the lady in the other car have speedy recoveries.

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  1. People were GRUMPY that they had to walk? They should be THANKFUL and HAPPY that it wasn't any more serious! People just baffle me with how they react to things!!!!!