Monday, July 03, 2006

cupcakes for breakfast

yes, yes I did have cupcakes for breakfast...but it's my birthday, I'm allowed to do silly stuff like that.

Alex sang Happy Birthday to me and brought me two scrumptious cupcakes complete with two candles...

blowing out the cupcake candles

Aren't they pretty!!


And no, I didn't have TWO cupcakes for breakfast, I had half of each and Alex had the other half. I'm sure each cupcake has five pounds of butter in it, just in the icing, but you know what, it's my birthday!!!

birthday breakfast

And finally, the deck is done and ready to hang out on for hours and hours and hours. It's just too hot right now. I have a few errands I want to go do, but the washing machine man in here fixing the washing machine...again...For good this time I hope! I spent Saturday running up and down our landlady's stairs, trying to get as much laundry done without pestering her too our own washing machine back will be a great thing to have!

woohoo patio furniture

my happy happy deck

Oh...and Alex disappeared right before he went to work. He wasn't in the house and his car was here and he didn't lock the front door. Turns out he ran out to buy me some flowers...awwwwwww...

flowers from alex

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  1. sounds like an awesome weekend.