Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Kelsey's Vancouver birthday

Kelsey came to town for the weekend and decided it was an excellent idea to celebrate her birthday a bit early (we agreed...it had been far too long since we'd gone out anywhere and a birthday is as good an excuse as any!)

kelsey and the camera
Kelsey got camera happy...even though the camera was on some crazy outside setting and a bunch of the pictures turned out red and blurry

mmm...beer...and Adam still managed to run the Sun Run in less than 40 minutes the next day!


not sure about the mars bar
Shannon and Alex aren't sure about the Deep-Fried-Mars- Bar-Heart-Attack-On-A-Plate

deep fried mars bar heart attack on a plateDeep-Fried-Mars-Bar-Rolled-In-Frosted-Flakes-

time to go homeAnd the night ended with this...I think maybe something is eating James' head?

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