Saturday, April 07, 2007

My new toy

I finally picked up the camera I've been thinking about buying since Christmas. I love it already. It does really great stuff, like has a super zoom and a 3200 ISO! OOOOoooh...makes me happy.

Silly me, the first picture I took was not of Alex (it probably should have been) but of this lovely flower on our front porch.

G7's first picture
Look what the ISO can do! (A400 on the left, G7 on the right)

super isoLook what the zoom can do! (A400 on top, G7 below)

super zoom
I was standing in the same spot for both ISO pictures and all four zoom pictures. I LOVE MY NEW CAMERA.

And look, I didn't forget about Alex!

i didn't forget alex


  1. AWESOME...we should go on a picture taking hike or something....I went yesterday and just figured out a cool f stop thing with water! woot woot

  2. that sounds like fun! and then I can finally give you your birthday present too!!!