Thursday, April 05, 2007

No, don't go away yet...

Sunita moved to Florida a few months ago to do some post doctoral work, but she's back in Vancouver for a few days and we all went out for dinner last night. And we all agreed it felt like she'd never left. Stacey and I were plotting ways to keep her here, but I guess we just have to wait out her two year contract and hope she decides to come back to Vancouver when she's done.

Or maybe we'll just have to go to Florida to see her...ooooh...I see a trip coming.

Hey Alex, wanna go to Florida?

Besides Girl Guide meetings, I mostly notice that Sunita isn't here when I got to the pool. When I started at UBC, Sunita and I used to go to lunch regularly, but she also got me to go swimming with her at lunch. Now when I go swimming, I feel like something is missing.


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