Sunday, January 31, 2010

And our lives have changed

...just a little bit.

After Alex's accident, I've noticed that we're doing things differently. Just like when I hurt my back, we've both slowed down a bit and we're trying to enjoy life together. I've been out in the car a lot more this week than usual and I've become more cautious and acutely aware of pedestrians and other vehicle. We're both more aware when we're walking and Alex has even started taking a different route to work.

What gets me though is the large number of stupid pedestrians out there*. The ones who don't look, just cross the street because
  • they are pedestrians and they have the right of way so the cars have to stop, no matter what, no matter where they are (a corner, the middle of a block wherever!)
  • they're too busy texting to notice the light is red or a car is coming
  • they're plugged into their MP3 players which are so loud, not only can I hear their music very clearly ten feet away, but they can't hear sirens or horns or anything else going on around them
  • they're off in the own little world and they are so far immersed they could be walking down the seawall or right down the middle of the street and they wouldn't notice a difference
It's scary. Car vs human statistics tend to favour the cars...big time...

*There are also stupid drivers out there, but they need their own post...maybe one day I'll get to them!

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