Sunday, January 31, 2010

Get Fit Chicks! Good Bye Crazy Diet

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Today is the last day of the four week crazy diet. I’m not sure how well it worked…some crazy things have been going in our lives – work stress, sick toddler, other not-so-fun-stuff – that have resulted in not as much sleeps as I need, so I’m not sure if the fatigue I’m feeling now is really fatigue or just life related.

The diet was okay – I found this time that I really didn’t enjoy being restricted in terms of fruit and there are only so many bananas, apples and pears one can eat…I had an orange this morning and I’m looking forward to the complete and total reentry of citrus into my diet tomorrow. I had more than one “cheat” day – if you can call them that – sometimes I just plain forgot I was not supposed to have whatever until after I ate it and sometime I made the decision to take a break for one meal, usually because it was a special occasion.

I have determined though, that I’m much better at following these types of things if I have someone to check in with. The reason this diet worked so well the last time was because I had to go back every few weeks and see what kind of progress I was making.

And the big question – this was not a weight loss diet – but did I lose weight? I think I lost three pounds over the four weeks, which isn’t horrible, but I’d like to be closer to 1.5-2 pounds per week.

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