Monday, January 11, 2010

One week down

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I survived the first week on the crazy diet and now it becomes less crazy. And even though it wasn’t as crazy as it was the first time I did it, I found last week hard.

Besides the fact that J got sick, it was harder to do with a kid and husband than when it was just me. I thought it would be easier because I’d have someone around to ask me how I was doing and remind me that the thing I’m about to put in my mouth has lemon/flour/soy etc in it…but it was harder. And the temptation was greater. I think largely because J still had to have dairy. I never thought I’d want a bite of yogurt so badly!

I guess when it was just me, it was a lot easier because I emptied my house of all those things I wasn’t allowed to have. There was no yogurt or cheese in my fridge at all. I didn’t buy citrus fruit for anyone else…all that stuff.

But I did fairly well on week one, so week two can only be better!

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