Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Not Quite As Crazy Diet

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Some time last fall J developed a rash on her cheeks that just wouldn’t go away. Finally in May I went to see a naturopath (not the one who gave me the Crazy Diet!). She specializes in pediatric naturopathy as well and pre- and post-partum women, (she was perfect – I’d definitely go back and see her and I highly recommend her. Email me if you’d like her name).

We had by then decided that J’s problem was probably something she was eating and we were worried it might be her formula. The naturopath didn’t want to make such a huge change to J’s diet right away – she wanted to try a few things first. So J got to go on her first elimination diet – for two weeks she had to avoid all the food on a list, yup a diet list, and then we could add things in one at a time every three days. Eliminations diets are both harder and easier when your baby only eat about twelve foods…not as much to cut out, but also not as many things to replace the eliminated food with! Because I was still breastfeeding and the formula was a supplement, I also had to go on a diet. I had been pretty tired for a while, so the naturopath suggested some modifications to the crazy diet for me to try once we had J sorted out. And that’s the diet I’m going to follow this time to try to get rid of the fatigue. It has more calcium and more fruit and vegetable options than the original crazy diet.

It’s a bit nuts for the first week and then it eases off the second week . Instead of a two week run, I’m going to try a four week run this time. Week one with all the stuff gone and weeks 2-4 with some of the options added.

Week One
All dairy products
Corn and Soy products
Pickled food/vinegar
Egg, Wheat/gluten
Alcohol, Caffeine

Weeks Two – Four
All dairy except yogurt and plain milk
Wheat (can be added at the beginning of the week but should be limited as much as possible)
Corn and Soy products
Pickled food/vinegar
Citrus (can be added at the end of week two)
Sugar (can be added half way into week two)
Alcohol, Caffeine

And today’s the start of the diet…we’ll see how it goes!

Oh and it turns out J was sensitive to apples – which weren’t on the elimination diet and my mom figured out the day after we arrived at her house for a visit…

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