Thursday, January 07, 2010


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Day one and day two went the way day one and day two always go…fine, but hard. I had sushi on Tuesday because it was a colleague’s birthday and I know it had soy, vinegar and sugar in it, but I figured it wasn’t a huge amount and it was only one day. Besides, this isn’t an absolute diet…

But then the evening of day two hit and it became apparent I wasn’t going to work on day three…J was sick…again (this is one of the unfortunate side effects of sending your otherwise healthy toddler to daycare…they come home with every bug out there!). J being sick would have been fine, except that she gave me her bug too. It wasn’t as bad as hers, but yesterday was a ginger ale (sugar), cracker (wheat) and chicken noodle soup (more wheat) day for me. I was feeling better by dinner time and today I’m on track, but it sure is frustrating to hit a hurdle like that right at the beginning of the crazy diet…

I debated what to do about the obvious non-diet day and decided to stay with my plan. Things come up and that’s just life. And hopefully when this is over, I’ll feel much much better!

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