Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is it Monday somewhere?

I didn't get this up on Monday. Or yesterday. So here it is today. Partly because I need to be able to refer to it when I'm not at home.

Monday: Leftover slow cooker pulled pork that was actually beef

Tuesday: Chicken and white bean chili (recipe to come) with homemade bread

Wednesday: Leftover chili with cornmeal muffins

Thursday: Something special for Alex - Tater Tot Casserole, Shannon-style

Friday: Dinner out for the grownups. J will either have leftovers with the babysitter or she has asked to make pizza

Saturday: Take out (probably Italian)

Sunday: Alex's choice (and he'll be cooking) - he hasn't decided yet but my guess is either fish or a hearty soup or stew...

This week is a funny food week partly because it's our anniversary - that's why we're having tater tot casserole and going out AND ordering in. I linked up to I'm an Organizing Junkie and I hope that next week I'll my life together enough to get my menu up before it's half cooked and eaten!

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