Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pulled Pork (Beef)

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Last week on our menu for Sunday we had written pulled pork. We were looking forward to this dinner all week. Except when I went to the grocery store, I couldn't find a pork roast over 1 lb. And it was late enough that the butcher had gone home, so I was left with what there was in the meat case.

I hummed and hawed and discovered there were three pork roasts that added up to close to 3.5 lbs, but they were three different cuts and together they cost, oh, $38! That's just way too much to pay for pulled pork! But beef was on sale. I got a 3.5 lb roast for $10. A huge improvement!

I decided to just cook it exactly as I would have cooked the pork and it was SO GOOD. Yum!

pulled pork beef

J loved it too - we let her pick the vegetables and as always broccoli is one of her favourites. I think next time we let her pick, we'll specify that they should be different colours (although peas and broccoli are two of my favourites too). We got a good four meals out this. I'm looking forward to trying it with actual pork too.

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