Saturday, October 08, 2011

Let the holiday season begin...

It's grey. And not very warm today.

But our house smells heavenly. And I've got a nice warm sweater. So it's all good.

There's a turkey in the oven. J is resting. Alex went to pick up the last minute groceries for our turkey dinner (umm....who forgot the potatoes...) And I'm gearing up to go wash the first round of dishes.

That's the only think I hate about making a turkey's time consuming and can be hard work, but the loads and loads of dishes kill me. And then there are more loads of dishes.

Whatever. Thanksgiving is the beginning of holiday season as far as I'm concerned. That means this week Alex and I ahve been slowly planning for the next few months. We have a few free days in December, but that's it. It's only October. How does that happen? Oh well. We have sort of cheated. We purposely "booked" a few days for us. Days with no plans.

It also means it's time to start Christmas shopping. Except. Well, it appears we have already started...there is a bag in my closet with gifts for three people. And there is a gift for a fourth that is decided on, but can't be purchases until closer to Christmas. If I can keep up this organization, well, the holidays should be a blast!

I have a list that's twice as tall as I am (which, I think, accounts for my relative absence from the land of blogs) and once I've checked a bunch of things of that list, I get to really start planning. Which means making more lists: lists for gifts, lists for cards, lists for projects around the house, lists for gifts to be made...

Uh, yeah, can you tell I like the holidays?!?!

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