Saturday, June 09, 2012

Define this blog...

A long time ago, this blog was just a place for me to write and post pictures and keep in touch with all kinds of people. Then Facebook happened and it turned into a place for me to write and post pictures. Keeping in touch happened through Facebook. Then I had J and it turned into a sort of mommy blog (does it always qualify as a mommy blog now because I'll always be a mommy?). Then it was a mommy blog and a place for me to keep track of my 101 in 1001, my postcards, and my attempts at organizing our home. Then Get Fit Chicks stopped existing (although it exists now...I'm trying to get rid of all the links on this blog because the Get Fit Chicks at that url isn't the Get Fit Chicks I was trying to link too, but that's beside the point) and I managed to import all of my posts here. And then I kind of went dormant.

But things are changing in our little world again and I think I might actually have time to really truly blog (I am SO glad I decided not to do a p365 this year...ack)

In the next few weeks my blog that is at once many things and not a whole heck of a lot might have some recipes, some adventures, some organizing updates and maybe that will ease me into the return to regular blogging. Because I miss it. And I miss you guys (if there are any of you left).

And Fifers, I promise this won't become just a postcard blog. Even if everything that was posted in the last few days is 100% most definitely postcard related.


  1. I love your blog! I am excited to read more! Keep it up because I think a blog is way better than fb to keep in touch!

    1. Thanks Melynda! I agree with you - I'd rather read someone's blog than waste away on Facebook. I hardly ever log in over there anymore...if it weren't for all those far away people who I can only reach through facebook, I think I'd probably just close my account...