Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our own Food Revolution

32. Make dinner from the Jamie Oliver cookbook every night for a week five times

I gave Alex Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution cookbook for his birthday (or maybe Father's Day?) a couple of years ago and it has become one of the cookbooks I turn to weekly to make dinner. Even with meal planning, I realized that eating from one cookbook for a week was going to be super tricky, especially when leftover were factored into the equation. So this challenge was changed to using Food Revolution to cook dinner five times. Much more manageable and allowed for more recipes (pretty much every single one of these dinner had at least one day's leftovers for our little family)

First there were pork chops and cauliflower bake. Yummy!

Then we had the best ever salmon cakes. J asks for them all the time.

salmon cakes

Alex really wanted burgers one night, so out came Food Revolution and we had the Cracking Burgers.

cracking cracklin

Some of the best comfort food we had last winter was the Pot-Roast Meatloaf. Oh my goodness. The pictures do not do it justice.

pot roast meatloaf

The bacon adds a lovely flavour to this, but also means that we don't eat it very often. Once, possibly twice, all winter. And when we make it next winter, it will be when we have company so that there are no tempting leftovers the next day.

Is it wrong that I love meatloaf? It's such an underrated food, even more so when you make it the Food Revolution way!

The last Food Revolution meal was a regular on our menu rotation. Delicious tomato soup. So good.

jamie oliver tomato soup

I am not a tomato soup fan, but for a few weeks I made a pot of this soup every few days. We were taking it for lunch and having it as a starter with dinner. Even J loved it! (Oh, and I'm not a big cream soup fan and this soup is perfectly creamy with no dairy products added. YUM!)

Just because they were so good, some Baked French Potatoes.

baked french potatoes

This cookbook might be the best cookbook investment we've made!

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