Thursday, June 14, 2012

Estonia - Multiple cards and other fun stuff

Postcard from Treksek from Estonia.

This cute little postcard came in an envelope that was rather heavy for one little postcard...and that's because there was more than just a postcard in the envelope.

We also received some fun stuff:

ee-132923 thumbelina front

A Thumbelina card

The translation of the Russian is:
Oh! This is unfortunate! - Thumbelina wept.
Come up with! - Bob shouted. - Unfortunately for Wolf!
Bob gathered the "small" in a circle and began to whisper something to them.

ee-132923 berries

A second little card...which J told me is *very* cute.

ee-132923 bookmarks

Some bookmarks - J likes the train!

ee-132923 calendars

Adorable little calendars. Can you guess which ones J has claimed as her own?

And then these other cards - they're not for us. They had Canadian postage on them and the sender asked us to mail them for her. I couldn't resist scanning them though...There were some awesome stamps on them. They are safely on their way to far off places now.

ee-132923 peonies

ee-132923 recipe

These are cherry vareniki or dumplings. There was a recipe written on the back of the card, but it was in Russian.

ee-132923 tallinn

Tallinn - Rotermanni, a business district

ee-132923 tallinn

Tallinn - Stenbock House, the residence of the Estonian Government on Toompea Hill

What a fun thing to receive in the mail! Thank Postcrossing and Treksek!

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