Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy Feet in Vancouver

19.5 Go on 10 "adventures"

We've decided to let J define the adventures we have and it's interesting to see what she deems an adventure and what she figures is just everyday life. For instance, Sunday's excursion was a trip to the aquarium and it was most insistently called an adventure, but when we went with J's little cousin C before Christmas, well, that was just how we rolled.

non adventure aquarium visit

Yesterday started with a very special treat - a visit to the local-seattle-based-soccer-mom-mega-coffee-shop where J got to have a kids hot chocolate, half-sweet, no whip, IN a COFFEE CUP! It probably could have been slightly sour steamed milk and she would have been okay with it if it had been served in a coffee cup.

hot chocolate in a coffee cup

First stop at the aquarium was the new penguin exhibit to visit the tuxedoed birds. They were super friendly and would swim right up to the glass and wave with one flipper.

hello penguin

At least, that's what it looked like they were doing. Maybe they were just trying to get a better look and dry off one flipper. Who knows.

how are you

J was super excited about the penguins, but also a bit apprehensive. We're planning on going back soon (thank you season's pass, you rock), so maybe a few more penguin visits and she'll be excited to see them.

mini jelly fish

J was pretty excited by the mini jelly fish. They are small - maybe the size of a loonie - and they were quite cute.

big jelly fish

I like the big jelly fish. They take pretty pictures and they are mesmerizing to watch. I could watch them swim around all day long....I love the blue lighting too...

sunflower sea star

J found the sea stars a big confusing - they don't do anything. They just sit there, stuck to the glass or the walls and sit there. She figured they must all be in the middle of nap time or something!

real reason we visit the aquarium

And this, this is the real reason we go to the most children who were brought up on Raffi, J loves beluga whales. And insists that the three giant belugas are all BABIES!

It was most definitely a successful day! We came home with not one, but two penguins of our very own. Well, three, but one went in the mail to England.

penguin 2

This one is pretty special. J saved some money she got from her grandparents to buy something sometime and decided that she wanted a penguin to take home. She was pretty proud when she gave the woman at the till her money. And a bit confused to get some change back...

penguin 1

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